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Below you will find the complete resources needed to create or renew your basic business documentation in terms of livery contracts and client documentation to allow you to have a collection of professionally devised and branded documents (that can be amended accordingly) allowing easy management and recording. These are what we deem the most important basic information and are collated on one place for ease of access. 

Please note their are additional Template Livery Contracts on the Livery Contracts section, as well as additional contract and client related documentation throughout the hub.

Where templates are provided, the Word versions can be edited and rebranded as you see fit. Particular notice should be made to the highlighted entries in the places indicated. This allows them to be tailored to your exact requirements and situation. There are also variations of many of these documents (such as specific livery package contracts) on the relevant sections elsewhere in the Yard Owner Hub.

The information contained on the Yard Owner Hub is provided for guidance only, and we encourage all users to consider their own circumstances and take professional advice where appropriate in relation to the management of their business and the equines in their care.

You may also find useful webinars or podcasts covering these subjects on our Webinars page.

These resources are available free of charge to all, and always will be. All we ask is that if you use any of the documentation, or find the information contained herein useful, please consider adding your yard to LiveryList, and/ or making a secure donation to help cover the work and research that goes into providing these resources:


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