TRIED & TESTED: Westgate Labs

14 March 2023

Westgate labs are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of parasite prevention testing for equines and other grazing animals. We’ve spoken to customers who have used the Westgate Labs services in recent months for their feedback and comments on the service provided, and how this could help yard owners…

The feedback for Westgate was overwhelmingly positive. The laboratory at Westgate offers a “quick, easy to use, great value postal worm count service” that enables carers and keepers to target the wormers given to horses and keep them as healthy as possible. Customers are impressed by the speed and efficiency of service, and the accessibility to information and help over the phone.

Westgate have bene established since 1999 and actively promote targeted worming as best practice, which results in worming only the wormy horses, and have helped this worming alternative become mainstream. The tests are backed up by veterinary approved advice through friendly education and support from an inhouse vet and the team of qualified AMTRA SQP’s (Suitably Qualified Professionals) who are certified to prescribe and give advice on worming through the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority.

Yards of 10 or more horses qualify for a commercial rates on worm egg counts and EquiSal tapeworm tests which makes it easier for yard owners to bulk test, and know that all on the yard have been tested. It help yard owners understand and apply targeted parasite prevention, an an alternative to regular worming, or to support targeted wormers.

Recent postal strikes have been an issue for some of their users, although Westgate replaced kits and did a great job of keeping customers updated through social media.

It was commented on the amount of advice and guidance that is given on their website on their specific Info Zone


How Much Does the Service Cost?

  • Individual Egg Count Kit (or less than 10) £9.95inc VAT
  • Egg Count Kit for 10+ horses £7.50 inc VAT
  • Egg Count Kit for 30+ horses £7 inc VAT

There are also other testing kits available: Pinworm Test, EquiSal tapeworm test, Faecal Sand Test, Lungworm Test and Liver Fluke tests, as well as products for testing non-equines.


Comments by our Tried & Tested Panel: 

“Really knowledgeable team who are happy to give information over the phone”

“Its always good to see them at events, happy to have the face to face opportunity to meet their customers and share their knowledge”

“The reduction we get for our yard means its a lower cost for us to pass on to our livery clients, and they are happy for us to arrange it and for us to know for peace of mind that all the horses are tested regularly”.

“I’d never done poo testing before but there is so much info on the West Gate website that it was really easy to get organised, and they give you everything you need in the kits”

“It was difficult initially to get all of our horse owners on board to test instead of worm because many had relied on regular worming for many years, especially for the older owners, and didn’t see any issue with that process but now they realise its actually easier to test instead and costs less they are all fully on board!”

“I like it that the return of the results is quick, and that I can ask Westgate for previous results for reference if needed. Also that if any of our clients have any queries they can ring and speak to someone who can explain it better than I would!”


Scores from our Tried & Tested Panel: 

Quality of Product: 1 2 3 4 5

Ease of use: 1 2 3 4 5

Design: 1 2 3 4 5

Affordability: 1 2 3 4 5

Customer Service: 1 2 3 4 5


Full details on all of the services and guidance offered by Westgate Labs can be found on their website: Westgate Labs

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