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14 November 2023

LiveryList in an advertising platform dedicated to equestrian establishments, offering yard owners the ability to easily and affordably promote their vacancies, services and facilities. In 2021 LiveryList also developed the Yard Owner Hub, an industry leading collection of resources covering all types of practical and administrative management for equestrian establishments. 

The feedback for LiveryList was hugely positive. Established in 2011, it has grown to now have over 650 equestrian establishments listed offering all types of long and short term livery, licensed riding establishments, studs, trekking centres, riding holidays, facility hire and competition venues. The difference being that with LiveryList, all of the listing are submitted and managed by the yard owners, meaning listings are always current and up to date. Those looking for livery are able to find concise information on the listed businesses, and contact the yard owner direct without need to create and account or an internal messaging system. There can be some improvements to the system, but we are aware that LiveryList is due to have a huge site upgrade in the spring of 2024 making it more user friendly and to accommodate the larger range of equestrian establishments it now caters for.

Working in conjunction with many well known equestrian charities, organisations and businesses has given LiveryList, and its founder Cheryl Johns, a unique position in the industry to help yard owners both promote, and develop, their businesses. The site gives a solid focus on improving the industry for all concerned, developing and expected ‘best practice’ and helping horse owners understand what a ‘good yard’ should look like. This is a huge positive to many yard owners who appreciate this unique and free resource.

It was commented on the amount of advice and guidance that is given on their website on their specific Info Zone

How Much Does the Service Cost?

  • Basic Listing £15 per Year
  • Standard Listing £16 for 6 months or £30 per year
  • Featured Listing £45 for 6 months or £78 per year

Full details on the packages are available here


Comments by our Tried & Tested Panel: 

“If you’re looking for practical day-to-day advice for running a yard, then LiveryList and the Hub are the place to find the information”

“I like using LiveryList to advertise. I only have a Basic Listing but use it to fill virtually all my vacancies”

“I have a featured listing on the site. Whilst its the most expensive option, I can have lots of information on the page and its so much easier and cheaper than the hassle of having my own website. I can just use the link for my Livery list page wherever I’d enter a website address, and that gives everyone the information they need, plus all of the ways they can contact me”

“The advantage with LiveryList is its real equestrians and whether its giving advice or helping with your advert its always really responsive, really useful information and by people that know what they are talking about!”.

“In the absence of a  central body for yard owners, the great work Cheryl does with Livery List, the hub and the LYO group is the next best thing”

“”I’m eternally grateful to livery list to help advertise my business- and the hub is an incredible collection of information like nowhere else. I find the yard owner hub very helpful & attend most of the webinars that are run by LiveryList. It’s definitely the most comprehensive collection of information & support available (that I am aware of).”


Scores from our Tried & Tested Panel: 

Quality of Product: 1 2 3 4 5

Ease of use: 1 2 3 4 5

Design: 1 2 3 4 5

Affordability: 1 2 3 4 5

Customer Service: 1 2 3 4 5


Full details to advertise your livery yard or equestrian establishment on LiveryList can be found here: LiveryList

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