TRIED & TESTED: Livery Live

27 April 2023

Livery Live is the complete app for equine yard owners and managers. It also allows liveries more contact with their yard team for all their horse’s needs, and allows yard owners, managers and their staff to easily communicate on all aspects of day to day yard management. 

The feedback for Livery Live is generally that yard owners love Livery Live! The app hat Livery Live is manged via is “easy to use” once a user has found their way round, and several testers stated that it has helped improve their profitability by making it much easier to record and then charge for billable services.

The main issue mentioned with Livery Live seems not with the app itself, but more the implementation of the new system to clients who may be more used to arranging services via a diary or texts, and moving to a dedicated app can cause a little extra convincing for the ‘technophobe” livery client!

Livery Live offers a free demo so that potential users can be clear about how the service functions before investing, to help decide if its right for them. while some testers have said initially the monthly costs seemed on the high side, this has easily been counteracted by the additional income the recording and processes of the app have simplified and clarified, more often than which outweighs the cost of the app!

Livery Live was devised by a yard manager, and is constantly undergoing reviews and update to add in new features, see how the app can be used to help manage other aspects of yard management, and also the customer service was highly commended too with the team always being “on hand” and “quick to respond” if there are any problems.

How Much Does the App Cost?

  • The app monthly fee ranges from £20 (for up to 10 horses) to £120 per month for over 50 horses
  • The app is fee for horse owners


Comments by our Tried & Tested Panel: 

“We love the product it saves time with invoicing and liveries have commented how much they like using it. It allows us to offer a wide choice of services with different pricing. Liveries are able to keep an eye on their monthly spend and it details out exactly what service and products they have had.”

“Someone is always on hand to help with any problems we have had using the app.”

“Highly recommend this app it’s really easy to use, even the less technically able can do it.”

“Livery live has really helped us increase our monthly income. We have been able to use it to implement charges for services that were often overlooked as ‘quick jobs’ and make our pricing clearer to our livery customers”

“For us the app has been great, the biggest difficulty was a few of our older clients who were reluctant to download the app but once we explained the benefits and spent a little time running through how it works and they got the hang of it they agree its certainly easier than lots of notes and messages to and fro”


Scores from our Tried & Tested Panel: 

Quality of Product: 1 2 3 4 5

Ease of use: 1 2 3 4 5

Design: 1 2 3 4 5

Affordability: 1 2 3 4 5

Customer Service: 1 2 3 4 5


Full details on the app, its features and functions on the Livery Live website: Livery Live – The complete app for equine yard management 

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