Get Ready for the Strangles Awareness Week Temp Check Challenge

21 April 2023

Its Strangles Awareness Week again 1st – 8th May 2023, and Redwings are urging yard owners and horse owners to get on board with their Temp Check Challenge. Leading equine welfare charities, vets, researchers and higher education institutions organise the week, with the aim of educating people about the highly contagious equine disease strangles and helping to prevent an outbreak.

The aim of the temp check challenge is to help yard owners and horse owners understand how to take a horses temperature, and know the normal resting temperatures of horses in their care. The idea being that temperature testing and knowing the ‘normal’ of horses in your care can help easily and quickly identify signs of infectious disease, and allow the necessary steps to be taken. this is a highly practical alternative to isolation, especially for those who are regularly off competing or away from the yard.

One of Britain’s leading event riders Piggy March has given her support to this year’s Strangles Awareness Week and is encouraging all owners to take part in the ‘Temperature Check Challenge’ in a new video.

It would also be great for horse owners and yard owners to follow the #SAW2023 Facebook page (below) and share their content over the course of the week to help spread the word and educate their clients and contacts about the risks, precautions and steps that can be taken to prevent an outbreak o infectious disease. .

Full details can be found on the Strangles Awareness Week Facebook Page: Strangles Awareness Week | Facebook

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