British Equestrian Launches “Female Health February”

2 February 2024

This month, British Equestrian are shining a light on female health topics with their Female Health February campaign.

Equestrian sport is widely known – and appreciated – for offering male and female athletes an equal playing field on which to compete. However, being a female equestrian does come with some unique challenges, regardless of the level you participate in – whether that’s planning your riding around your periods, finding the right sports bra to make sitting trot bearable, or the impact of pregnancy on your time in the saddle.

With female health topics becoming increasingly talked about, both in sport and society in general, British Equestrian are sharing resources and guidance on all things female health, and are also hosting some dedicated podcasts featuring equestrian and health professionals covering how female health topics can affect women in sport.

You can find out more, including links to the podcasts and resources, on the dedicated Female Health Hub 

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