BEF Releases New Concussion & Return to Riding Guidelines

3 March 2023

British Equestrian has developed unified concussion guidelines for use within the equestrian industry. The document is aimed at participants at all levels of equestrian sport – including riders, vaulters and drivers, parents, coaches, officials, grooms, medical personnel and event organisers. It provides information to recognise concussion and what actions to take from the time of injury through to a safe return to equestrian sport.
Concussion is an injury to the brain resulting in a disturbance of brain function. It can be caused by a direct blow to the head, but can also occur when a blow to another part of the body results in rapid movement of the head, such as whiplash type injuries. While helmets save lives, concussions can still occur and can threaten the long-term health of participant, and its important for participants and those in charge of the site or event to be aware of the associated risks of such injuries, and how to deal with them accordingly from the moment of injury.
The new guidance covers:
  • Signs of a Concussion
  • What to do if you feel someone has suffered a concussion
  • A recommended return to riding pathway
  • Additional support and resources
The full document can be found here: Concussion and Return to Riding Guidelines
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