BE Offers Support for Succession Planning

9 June 2024

The British Equestrian Federation has announced eLearning Online modules to support and guide the owners of equestrian establishments in considering succession planning.

Succession planning is the process of identifying the critical positions within your organisation and developing action plans for individuals to assume those positions. Taking a holistic view of current and future goals, this type of preparation ensures that you have the right people in the right jobs today and in the years to come.

In the long term, succession planning strengthens the overall capability of a business by:

  • Identifying critical positions and highlighting potential vacancies;
  • Selecting key competencies and skills necessary for business continuity;
  • Focusing development of individuals to meet future business needs.

Following research and consultations the BEF have identified a vulnerability within riding establishments related to their succession planning. Succession planning is all about thinking about the future of your riding establishment, for example what will happen if you or a partner leaves the business. It can provide clarity to everyone involved about the future and provides a clear plan for what will happen. We’ve already experienced a high number of riding centres closing, impacting on participation, membership and customer experiences so we hope these three e-learning modules will help you to think about the future of your establishment.

There are three modules, all lasting under 30 minutes;

  • An introduction to succession planning – this will provide you with an overview of succession planning and looks at why a succession plan is important.
  • Governance and legal structures – this module explores the different governance and legal structures to consider in planning for the future of your riding establishment.
  • People – in this module you’ll learn about the importance of having the right people, with the right skills, to enable the long-term running of your riding establishment.

All three modules also include some useful resources for you to download.

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