BBC’s The Archers Features Strangles in Storyline

13 June 2024

Strangles has hit the mainstream media with popular BBC Radio soap The Archers featuring a storying involving the common equine infectious disease.

The current storyline features cases of strangles in the stables in the farming community of Ambridge, seemingly suggesting negligence and poor management at the stables leading to a serious outbreak and equine near-deaths!

Followers of the radio shows social media pages have been discussing the topic, which is great news to help raise awareness and understanding of this potentially deadly disease, and has prompted the how, where and why questions around the cause and spread of the disease.

This is not the first time Strangles has hit the show, with it featuring in a storyline back in 2014 also.

This is great news as biosecurity and strangles awareness have recently been highlighted within the equestrian community via Redwings Strangles Awareness Week back in May, but with such a storyline making it to mainstream media and causing various online discussions and opinions can only help bring an understanding of this infectious disease and its consequences to a wider audience.

You can find out more about yard biosecurity on the Yard Owner Hub, and on the Redwings Strangles Hub


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