Attention Yard Owners! Roundup of Industry Webinars

12 December 2023

Since the Covid-19 outbreak back in 2020, many businesses, associations and organisations moved not only their communications online, but their learning too. This has opened up a whole new world of development for industries, being able to learn at a distance. This is never truer than for the equestrian industry, and for equestrian establishments in particular, where a whole host of webinars, online meetings and informative presentations are still continuing to be held.

Below we round up those available to watch for FREE as a recording that may be relevant to the owners of equestrian establishments, delivered from reputable and reliable resources:

SEIB Yard Tour with Mill Farm DIY “The Most Sustainable Yard in Britain?” 8th November 2023 (YouTube)
A yard tour with the winners of the SEIB DIY Livery Yard of the Year 2023, sharing their tips and advice about yard sustainability and environmental focus.

ABRS+ and Andrew Stennett “Legal Structures for Your Business” 6th November 2023 (Zoom – passcode #rNT3=mw)
the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS+), they are helping business owners understand the most suitable business structures for their centres. 

ABRS+ “The Health of Riding Establishments 2023”24th October 2023 (Zoom –  passcode QB.AgyZ2)
Mandana Mehran Pour, Head of Participation at the BEF, explains the findings, highlight the issues and describe the approach being taken to find solutions following the Health of Riding Establishments survey 2023.

SEIB and LiveryList Webinar “Sustainable Yard Management: Understanding the Costs of Running Your Yard”  16th October 2023 (YouTube)
Cheryl Johns of LiveryList talks through her best practice tips for making your yard sustainable and profitable, understanding how to cost your livery packages, and how to increase the financial security of your yard.

ABRS+ and Andrew Stennett “Setting up a CIC for your Equestrian Establishment” 6th September 2023 (Zoom – passcode hZ#dtV10)

The British Horse Society “BHS Conversations: Changes in Horse Behaviour due to Box Rest” 9th August 2023 (YouTube)
With the support of Accredited Equine Behaviourist, Justine Harrison, the BHS delve into the potential impacts of box rest on our horse’s mental wellbeing.

World Horse Welfare “Taking the Heat Out of Strangles” 22nd May 2023 (YouTube)
In partnership with Dr David Marlin, this brings together respected industry speakers to share their own experiences of dealing with a Strangles outbreak and practical steps to help yards avoid going through the same distressing scenario.

SEIB and LiveryList “Livery Yard Insurance: Q&A Webinar” 18th February 2023 (YouTube)
Rosie Pope from SEIB Insurance Brokers and Founder of Livery List and the Yard Owner Hub Cheryl Johns answer your livery yard insurance questions.

The British Horse Society “Foot Focus Webinar: From Shod to Barefoot” 8th February 2023 (YouTube)
Chaired by Erik MacKechnie-Guire FBHS, this panel discusses the pros and cons of shoeing versus barefoot, the role of the registered farrier  and regulations surrounding decision making.

James Cowper Creston Accountants “Webinar: VAT for Equestrian Businesses – Livery & Riding Schools 10th June 2022 (YouTube)
Toby Thorne, VAT Senior Manager, answered the commonly asked questions involving the correct VAT treatment of these two activities.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary, RVC and LiveryList “Strangles and Livery Yards”22nd May 2022 (Facebook Live)
Andie McPherson from Redwings Horse Sanctuary and a panel of experts discuss what the risk strangles is to horses kept on livery yards and what protocols can be put in place to ensure that our horses are as protected as possible.

You can find resources to support the implementation of actions surrounding many of these discussions throughout the Resources on the Yard Owner Hub.

If you know of any other industry relevant webinars that are free to watch a recording or replay of, that may be useful to add to this list, then please do not hesitate to let us know and send a link to 

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